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Forget the Improvements, Look to Santa Source

This summer I had work done on the dirt drive by the side of the house to improve the parking situation. As it goes, the parking was not much improved without stone to prevent erosion. Realizing the cost of gravel I thought an upgrade to asphalt might be best.  The asphalt is complete, really looks lovely, but the paving of the drive lead to poor drainage on the side of the house and the garage flooded. The flooded garage made for a big clean up. My tenant and his “Princess” a restored, antique Chevy of considerable worth were wet and unhappy. The fix for the flood followed with installation of an underground drainage system, running across the property creating….guess what???  the need for new landscaping!  And I’m sure I’ll get a very good price for restoring my yard to its original condition. So much for solutions!

This is the way of worldly empires, governed by intellect and material mindedness. As we seek to improve our estate we find our “improvements” lead to new problems, unraveling the gains we think we achieve, bringing new complexities, requiring more resources and creating more needs.  The upgrade never ends, be it with a body or a body’s estate.

In the world every action creates a reaction.  Problems solved at the level of the problem cannot bring satisfaction.  Intellectual ideas fail to meet our needs. There is never enough. We are never done. Completion, fulfillment, true satisfaction eludes us.  And time, the harbinger of future worries, impedes our progress. Who can reseed a lawn in the middle of winter? Who can look forward to Christmas with all these expenses! It is not I who says it, but I hear her implore again and again, what’s next? The senses keep reporting a future needing fixing.

At Christmas I am given to move beyond the mirage of sense-attractions.  For a few moments each day, I look away from MaryBeth’s material theme park and remember, My Queendom is not of this place.  I have overcome the world.(J.C)  I look toward the testimony of Spirit, and the reality of life in true Being, a Being that needs no improvement, a Being that is expressed of divine union and envisioned through everyone.  This Vision is Christ dependent and in it all co-dependencies disappear.  I need take no thought for seeming insufficiency.  All needs are fulfilled through the realization of “I am” Presence. Wellbeing flows as the sufficiency of His Grace

To experience the gift of sufficiency is to recognize infinite reSource as the experience of God face to face, creation to creation on earth, like it is in heaven. The disciple John wrote during an excruciating and lonely exile, when he appears we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.  He is not of the world.  Nor is he coming in the sky, on clouds or from on high. But He is appearing now, face to face, eyeball to eyeball, breath to breath as I look for the Bethlehem babe in you. The “on high” from which He proceeds is the Queendom within you.

The crazy thing is, Bethlehem is any place where fear and doubt give way to forgiveness and peace. Today it is in the concerned eyes of my tenant who offers to help me finance the expense. Yesterday it was an honest pricing of the contractor.   Within each I find a manger for my creation, birthing Christ in the hardest places in the world, finding light and happiness through each relationship.

Jesus came to light in a cave, in the dark, in the place we could not imagine God would come. So it is for me.  I come as Light unto the darkness, in the place I have refused to call my queendom; found where good is unexpected and love unwelcome. Like His Kingdom, my queendom is not of this world. My queendom is a Spiritual Idea.  It is a heavenly empire, a mind-mansion of infinite rooms discovered as I am freed of worldly belief and values, freed from improvements which possess and shackle me to lack, need, and outer circumstance.

A Course in Miracles says, Your Father has given you everything. Everything the Father has is mine.

So it is you are born to me.  You are mine. The contractor is mine, the tenant is mine. In each a babe is offered to me. And through me, the Child is given a holy name, a name we share with Our Father, the Universal Consciousness of all inclusive Love. This is the Way of Abundance through relationship. The birth of the child brings those bearing gifts. Three wise persons represent a morsel of the Spiritual gift that comes to the child of God, the Christ.

Every possibility for good exists in these special relationships.  Yet it is a good not of this world. It is post Pentecostal, Seen after I have received the Holy Spirit;   Seen in the sons and daughters of men who are babe-ing Christ, taking their rightful place in my heart as sons of Light.

Who can See if old beliefs get in the way?  Who can See if I am not trusting, fearful of the future, or salivating over things I have not yet acquired?  Who can come to union if the conversion of heart (forgiveness) has been refused?  Who can envision grace in all creation, unless I have been willing to drop the solutions of the separated self I have come to project as “me”?  Am I willing to pause from improving my life and accept the nearness of the Christ?

A material Christmas obscures my queendom and improvements have no place in Love.  Discovery and exploration of our wombedness must be the cave we fathom, that we may find our nature is the glory of Noel.

As Christ is reborn in my heart this season I am tearing up the list of accomplishments that never end. Instead I look to Santa Source and ask what He would offer this child of God.  His Christmas offers peace on earth, the peace that passeth all understanding, where the soul flourishes in Christ Consciousness.  His Christmas offers Good Will to (wo)men.  Good Will is God’s Will and the only Will we have.  It is the Will we are.  There is no other choice, no other option, in spite of appearances.  We are the Will of God, of Good. We are God’s Own, birthed here on earth, given life to be reborn in the Real-ity of Spirit, reinterpreted and Identified at Christmas as sons of God, whose Queendom shall never end, not for driveways, or drainage pipes, or Christmas presents.

I will the Mind that is in Christ be in me. My soul dilates with Their Will and brings forth the glory of God.  Through the darkness of the world and the mind of materiality, a lamp is lit. I light it in the darkness

where it is needed.  I light it where the world demands improvement. I set my relationships on fire with the Great Rays of Christ.  In Its Light I see the perfection of salvation, where all of Creation is forever proved Good and never requires another solution.

In His Light I See a woman birthing Christ. I am the woman. I am the Christ.

Merry Christmas to all my babes!

You belong to me.

all love,