Is It Worthy of Your Love?

Dear Ones,

As I prepare the invitation to bring you to our circle, I falter for the Words. So many words have been spoken to call you, to invite you home, to give you a choice, to reveal a deeper truth.
SO MANY WORDS SENT THROUGH TIME, but only two questions important now.
1. What do you treasure? FEEL how much you treasure it.
2. Is it truly valuable?

If you are a pilgrim of truth your treasure shall be heart felt
a door will unlock,
a Way shall appear
the means will be given
and you will FEEL the At-one-ment
at work in forgiveness of all the dreams
that tugged at your heart and chewed upon your lips
and were worth ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The condition for the fulfillment of your sweetest, purest Desire is born of awareness.
What do you value? What do you want?
This is your treasure. This is your gold.
Is it worthy of a queen, a child of God?
Is it worthy of Your Love?

Today my Spirit said to me:

Sweetheart, do you realize Love is total commitment?
a whole value
without splits or bits
without opposite
It knows not delay.
It knows not doubt.

Before angels were cast out
(Oh yes, you sent them from our Eden)
Before great masters went unheeded,
(Yes, you closed your eyes so as not to See them)
Love gave you Words like these….
But now, we value correctly.
We envelop all HELP,
Mother, avatars and angels,
We put our hearts on the vertical line
We commit to Love in God’s every design.

Who knows where the whispers of our Winged and Mastery Lovers
will bring us tomorrow?
Are we ready to rise, to share, to fly?
Are we prepared to commit our hearts to Christ?
Are you listening dear? Are you ready this time?

We meet tomorrow, Thursday at my home,
7:30. Always something sweet to eat.
I love you.
I am ready to rise, to share, to fly.