Airport Miracles

He is not looking at me now, though just an arm’s length across the aisle. I don’t blame him. The synchronicity of our meeting felt like a wild card thrown on the table of gamblers used to losing.Our meeting was not chance, or wild. It was orchestrated. The waiting room was full; people absorbed with their cell phones, or children, waiting for boarding, anxious for the change that comes when one leaves, when one must go along with destiny’s direction.

I offered him my seat, closer to the outlet. He said something to someone about needing to charge his phone. Really I just overheard a conversation and made the invitation to take my place. We exchanged pleasantries, strangers in the airport, but kin and kind in our joining. B began unveiling. His heart appeared, opened, and the nature of his longing came forth. He felt a song within yet unfulfilled, weary of work. Substance abuse counseling is good service, but it can bring a burn out. I saw the grit where he had left parts of himself. B had been in the trenches of the toxic, pouring energy into their lives, watching needles snuff them out.

It was funny that he confided in me like that, opening the gate that keeps most of us locked in our polite little prisons most of the time. I listened but finally B comes round to it. He makes inquiry, or maybe he just affirms.
You’re in the business aren’t you.
He is looking at me now, as if for something deeper or familiar, eyes joining with something in me.
I confess. Yes. I am a spiritual psychotherapist.
He is excited. I knew it!! I could feel it. I could feel something about you.
Then he asks, what is the “spirituality”?
Have you ever heard of A Course in Miracles?
You would have thought he’d hit a ticket for big money. Eyes lit up, hands flying to his backpack. Reaching in he exclaims….I knew it! I could feel it. There is something about you, in you. Then pulling out his blue book to let me see, I just picked this up. It’s been sitting for two years, but I got this feeling now that it could help me out.
I laughed that joyful, innocent belly bumper. So that is why you met me. I am your affirmation.
B added that He wanted to get a Course meeting going in Florida. I offered to help.

That was quite an awakening for both of us, but it gets better. By grace we were seated across the aisle from each other on a full plane! This is amazing, fantastical. Here it is the most traveled day of the year after Thanksgiving, in a full airport, on a full plane and two people meet with a very specific Holy Purpose drawn by Spirit into a Holy Encounter and A Course In Miracles.

God is perfect, supporting us in our journeys as he brings those into our path who will offer Light, Help, miracles. This little miracle was a neon sign for my new friend. Suddenly God was blinking brightly through my unknowing Presence. This way home brother…You can be certain, I Am with you. Keep going.

As for me, the power of Spirit is the only real authority and administrator of my life. She brings me again and again to the right place, at the perfect time, where the Presence of God pours forth as It DESIRES. I was so buoyed up in joy to be an instrument of His Love. I can’t wait to see what’s next, though that may not be a privilege I am granted. Still I trust this miracle is not over. I believe it has only just begun.